I’m back!

Let’s get real for a minute-

It’s been way too long since I updated my blog! Happy New Year fellow Modelnuts!

Personally, 2016 was a horrible year for me and my family. And internationally, wow. The chaos,  the absurdity, the regression.. Very disheartening to say the least. With all the hatred and international turmoil, never have I been more proud to be a Canadian.

However, 2016 was an amazing year for modellers of all genres,the kit releases were insane!

I’m starting to again focus on the things I love- modelling being one of them.

I also got a new camera last year, and have been experimenting quite a bit-


A pine grosbeak enjoying some cranberries in my back yard.

I have some exciting modelling projects in the works which I’ll be sharing on here soon. The usual mecha/Gundam/and WW2 stuff I usually do, but something completely new to me as well. After seeing Fury Road last year, I’ve been working on a 1/24 scale kitbashed/scratchbuild Mad Max style diorama featuring several vehicles…with full LEDS….

On this blog in 2017, along with my personal projects, I intend on writing more World War Two book reviews, also  the odd modelling book/product review thrown in as well.
So that’s whats new with me. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s new models and sharing my own as well.

I hope you’re all getting through the winter alright and getting some solid modelling done!!!

Seeya soon,



Work bench update, and new modelling goodies from Japan!


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Hey Modellers and fellow model nuts, I hope everyone is having a good summer and getting some solid progress done at the work bench.It’s been ridiculously humid here in the Maritimes, which is always detrimental to painting and air brushing. And painting is what I need to do most,  as I have a stack of projects and W.I.P’s building up , on, and under my workbench which is quite shocking (and slightly embarrassing for someone who used to only work on one kit at a time!) Everything you see below has been snapped together for too long now, waiting their turn to get in to the spray booth!DSCN0134

Needless to say I need to get painting, and this humid, sticky weather has not been helping. So the other night, I decided to do some seam filling on a 1/144 Man Rodi kit, as it was way to humid to paint anything. Well, it seems like the humidity isn’t good for tamiya putty or cement, as the seams took unusually long to dry. *sigh*

Enough complaining about the weather, and on to a more positive subject. I recently celebrated my 30th birthday! I hadn’t celebrated my birthday for several years,and it was quite awesome to meet up with my family at my brother’s and have an actual birthday party, I felt like a kid again! We actually had a Darth Vader cake ( as well as a rabid modeller i’m also a major Star Wars fanboy) and a HUGE highlight was seeing my 10 year old nephew play me the star wars theme on keyboard. So positive!

Like every year I ordered myself some modelling goodies for my birthday, somewhat of a tradition over the last few years. As I have quite a backlog of kits ( rivaling and perhaps surpassing some Hobby shops) I figured a couple more in the stash wouldn’t hurt.


I recently watched the Gundam Thunderbolt anime series and absolutely loved it! I have watched the entire series five times and can’t get enough of it. I love anything U.C time line and thought the animation, characters, and music were especially awesome! I just had to have a GM thunderbolt version. I also was in desperate need of decals for various Gunpla projects . The green domes will be used for mono-eyes on a couple of Zeon kits. The AGE Titus kit I only got because I’m using the arms and shoulders for a custom kit bashing project. Not a fan of Gundam AGE but think the parts will work great for what I have in mind.


I have been putting off building three Tamiya 1/35 tank kits I have had in the stash for the longest time. A tiger, a king tiger, and a panther have all been neglected because they all require Zimmerit. I recently got the Tamiya zimmerit stick on set for the panther. Not sure what to think. After doing my research, I decided to dive in and make my own zimmerit. This should be everything I need.However I need to tackle my JS-2 Stalin project head on before I start any more tank kits.


I love this retro Zeon design. The Gundam Origin anime is amazing, and if you’re a Gundam fan and haven’t seen it yet… What are you waiting for !? Can’t wait for episode 4.


 I love me some water slides and mono eyes!


I’m not a huge fan of “unboxings” or “show off your stash” but I know some people really like them. Maybe i’ll take some pics of my unbuilt model collection backlog some time.

Here is the 1/35 AFT-9 I’ve been working on. On initial inspection I really liked the look of this kit, after working on it for the past couple months I have mixed feelings. Tiny parts with a tonne of clean up required, some extremely fiddly assembly sequences, and just not that enjoyable of a kit to work on. Some parts fit great, others not so much. Definitely not a shake and bake kit, or one for beginners. I really can’t recommend this kit unless you love the subject matter. It would help if I was more passionate about the subject, but this is more of a practice kit to test some new techniques and to practice airbrushing soft edge camo patterns. Modern vehicles have so many tiny parts! However I shouldn’t complain as I got this as a door prize at a modelling show.

I Added a very prominent weld seam missing from the kit . I used tamiya putty. It looks ok. Meh.

I Added a very prominent weld seam missing from the kit . I used Tamiya putty. It looks ok. Meh.


Tiny parts, so much clean up, lack of interest. It’s been a struggle!

This post has definitely been a bit of a “mixed bag” but that’s the best way to describe my modelling lately. Now where’s that airbrush?

See you guys next time, hope you’re having fun and creating some awesome models!

-Patrick Modelnut


Canfora Publishing AFV Photo Album Vol.2


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Hello modellers, Just wanted to share some thoughts today on an excellent book I finished lately, it’s called AFV Photo Album Volume 2 by Canfora Publishing written by Marek Solar, Petr Dolezal and Vladimir Kos.IMG_0808

This hardcover book is  filled with photos from the last year of the war, and many post war shots of abandoned and destroyed military vehicles left on Czech lands in some of the final battles of the eastern front. First off I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As this period of the war really interests me, I was quite thrilled to crack in to this book, and I think it took me two sittings to get through cover to cover.


STUG III G with waffle plate zimmerit pattern. Abandoned and blown up by its crew, resulting in very over done waffles!

That’s not to say that the contents are lacking- as the title says this book is a photo album with very detailed, very concise captions that are exceptionally well researched.

The research that went in to this volume is very evident. Often times we’ll get information relating to specific units, and some times even who the vehicle was commanded by, along with any technical details of note.

In these late days of the war, the German army was fighting desperate defensive battles causing massive casualties on the Red Army. At one particular point I read of one Soviet unit who lost 53 T-34s trying to capture a Czech town well defended by Germans, using mainly the Jadgpanzer 38 (Hetzer).

Right up until the last days of the war German soldiers were frantically trying to reach Allied lines as they faced a grim future if captured by the Red Army. Many photos of the wrecks in this book are of vehicles blown up by their crews, as they did not want these weapons falling into enemy hands.

Many of the vehicles featured in this book are shot from multiple angles, some times in different locations. Any wrecked vehicle that was left abandoned was eventually recovered by Czech Army recovery teams and the vehicles sent on to collection points, where these beasts would eventually be sent to the smelters for their valuable metal.

Some very unique vehicles and modifications can be seen among these pages, along with your typical late war fare of King tigers and panthers.

There are a great many late war vehicles represented, with some of the final products that the Third Reich’s factories were producing. The combination of these very late war weapons coupled with some oddball early war vehicles makes each turn of the page very interesting.

Some early war tanks can be seen, among many captured T-34 85s, and some very interesting Hybrid frankenstein type STUGS. I am never ceased to be amazed at how often these vehicles were field modified, and how they were often “kitbashed” together from various production marks. I can’t wait to see the STUG experts crack into some of these unique designs and share their builds- I might have to have a go myself at replicating what is one of my favorite vehicles shown in this book:

This stug has some field applied concrete armor as well as spare track links added to the lower hull!

This STUG has some field applied concrete armor as well as spare track links added to the lower hull below the tracks!

We see the absolute pinnacle of German weapons development on display along with the bewildering amount of different types of vehicles used in the German army.Late war weapons and some brand new half tracks coupled with the latest flak guns show how well equipped the Wehrmacht formations were right till the end. It  also  shows the reader how important Czechoslovakia was to the Germans and the amount of equipment and troops they poured into it is very evident in this book.


Shots like these are full of Life and atmosphere. Something to try and replicate for those who like to build vignettes/dioramas.

For Diorama builders and modellers who love scrapyards  and rust effects- this book is full of really great inspiration. There are a few really great shots of german aircraft and tanks combined, which made me think would make perfect dioramas for those who build in 1/48 scale.

I’ve talked mainly about the German vehicles contained in this book- there’s no shortage of destroyed Red army material among these pages as well. It seems there are many ISU-152’s and T-34 85s, and the odd Stalin thrown in. Also there are some great shots of 1942/1943 model T-34s that goes to show the Red Army still used these older tanks in the last days of the war.


Very beautiful color artwork is provided at back of the book covering both German and Russian subjects


more diorama inspiration- look at the disheveled park bench sitting next to this knocked out PAK 43.


JAGDPANZER IV looking quite aggressive with its fender removed


another one of my favorite shots- soviet officers pose on a Marder tank destroyer. Its shots like this that make AFV Photo Album Volume 2 so worthwhile for historians and modellers

So it’s very safe to say I absolutely loved this book and will keep close to my work bench for future modelling projects. I could find absolutely no faults with this book and comes highly recommended. There is so much I didn’t cover in this review and i’ll leave it up to the reader to discover these gems for them selves. I am VERY impressed with this book by Canfora and can’t wait to see what they publish next!!

Seeya next time and happy modelling,


One person’s trash… is a modeller’s treasure!


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IMG_0794Hello everyone, just wanted to share some thoughts today on the common household objects that we often throw out  that are actually perfect things to use for modelling.

I also want to talk about a few products that aren’t modelling related which can easily be converted into a useful purpose for modellers.

Being part of the millennial generation,a phrase since childhood I constantly heard was “reduce, reuse, recycle”. As I got older and started working, I really got a good grasp on how much waste our society generates and how much garbage is sent to landfills.  I try and reuse and re-purpose everyday household items that are often used once for their intended purpose and without any thought tossed in the garbage can.

One of my favorite things to use for scale modelling are old Credit cards/ gift cards :



Credit Card base is painted and waiting for weathering!

In the above picture, I used old credit cards  to make a simple display base for my 1/144 scale Gundam models.

Many modellers have access to evergreen plastic sheets and plastic plates. These are usually expensive. I would rather just make my own!

Another thing I constantly use  are the lids/caps to pop or juice bottles and plastic food containers like peanut butter jars. These are excellent for mixing washes/pigments/ and epoxy type glues. I find they’re also great for holding tiny parts when you’re in the middle of a kitbash/scratch building project. Also, plastic candy and food containers are great for certain shapes when scratch building.

For you guys who build armor- PICTURE HANGING WIRE! Why spend money on after-market towing cables when you can make your own? The various gauges of picture hanging wire can be easily picked up at the dollar store to make excellent scale representations of the heavy metal cables used to recover/ tow armored vehicles.IMG_0795

For those of you who like to add custom details to your models, check out the jewelry/craft section of the dollar store or similar places.

I found these on one of my trips:IMG_0793

Really cool- these will definitely find their way on to a Gundam project in the near future ! 🙂

One of my favorite sayings which really applies to modelling is “think outside the box”.

And I mean that quite literally. Often times as modellers we constantly strive for more detail, and often times what’s included in a model kit is often not enough for our final vision of what we are building.
With a little bit of imagination and resourcefulness, what we sometimes view as garbage can actually be very useful to us as modellers. In a small way, we can help the environment by cutting down what we send to the land fill, and instead of always relying on the aftermarket we can save money and make our own products from common items we have around the house. And by saving money- we can buy more model kits!

To conclude- one persons trash can be a modeller’s treasure!

Seeya next time and happy modelling !

-Patrick Modelnut


New Projects Planned, Michael Rinaldi’s Single Model Series and a quick word on Modelling Inspiration


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Hello Modellers and fellow model nuts, just a quick update on what I’m up to these days. After completing the Sazabi Project and attending the local model show last weekend I have to say I had an awesome time.

I had a blast at the show and was really inspired by some of the work I saw- in all categories.

I also met Sean, who goes by the name Warmachine395 online  who’s a local Gunpla guy and whose work is very crisp and solid. Great to meet him as the Gunpla community here in the Maritimes could be best described as almost non existent!

He took some great pictures of the show which can be found at this blog here:


If you are a modeller and have never been to a modelling competition it is highly recommended- I find modelling in its nature is a solitary hobby and its crucial, for me anyway to interact with other modellers, talk shop, and most importantly to learn and find new inspiration. More on that later. Not only that, the particular show I attend is ripe with fabulous door prizes- upon entering the competition you’re immediately entered for the prizes. I walked away with some great stuff this year, including this:


This new step by step book by Michael Rinaldi is probably the best piece of modelling literature i’ve ever laid eyes on. Its beyond well written and its beautifully laid out and easy on the eyes. Not only is Michael a professional modeller but a graphic designer as well- resulting in a truly pleasing book and enjoyable reading experience.

Michael is one of those guys that if you follow modelling online, you know that hes a true master of weathering and painting. His positive outlook and modelling philosophy is a true inspiration for those that are trying to constantly evolve as artists and create better models. His simple way of explaining techniques and illustrating the results are top notch- just look at the results of some of the weathering techniques on display here. If you want to learn how to apply worn or damaged paint on any kind of model- look no further than the single model series by Michael Rinaldi Studio Press. http://www.rinaldistudiopress.com/

I’ve never used oil paints or the hairspray technique for chipping paint before and this book is what I needed to get me kick started. Michael stresses the need to have a test model to try out new techniques, which is a brilliant idea as I know very well from experience that trying a new technique for the first on a model can really go either way. Always good to practice new techniques and master them before applying them to a project.

This book is highly recommended and I can’t express how much i’ve enjoyed it so far.

Not only that- The next book in this series will be a volume dedicated to the Master Grade Sazabi. Truly another must have for the modelling library!

It’s always so satisfying to finish a project you’ve been working hard on, sit back and admire the model and contemplate what to build next. Truly one of my favorite parts of being a modeller is having that blank canvas, a clean work table and a new kit to crack in to- while imagining all the potential that that particular kit has to offer.IMG_0675

Along with a few HGUC gundam kits in varying degrees of completion, I’ve started work on the 1/35 AFT-9 Anti Tank Missle Launcher by Hobby Boss. I won this as a door prize as well. It’s a subject I know nothing about and that’s part of the fun! It’s a modern Chinese military vehicle, definitely outside of the usual WW2 German and Russian armor I usually build. It’s a beautiful looking kit with nice details and it should be a fun, smooth build. With fresh inspiration and a clean work bench- I can’t wait to get modelling!! Hope you are all well and thanks for reading, see ya next time!

-Patrick Modelnut

A Busy Spring – Lack of Updates!


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Hello everyone, first and foremost I want to apologize for my lack of updates lately.

Spring is always a busy time of year and I have spent so much time outside and very little time at the workbench.  Instead of plugging away and spending a good hour an night modelling, it seems like my attention span has been limited and I have just been doing small jobs and not spending enough time finishing up the 144 scale Sazabi I have been working on. However, most of the airbrushing is finished. I’m extremely pleased with the way the Olive Drab paint scheme has turned out, and even more so with the custom work I did on the main weapon. Now it’s time to stop procrastinating and  finish this bad boy up! next to do- hand painting the small details. Plan on painting all those thrusters metal with enamel paints. Then its a gloss coat ( Future floor polish). I’m looking forward to adding the custom water slide decals I have planned for this guy. Then its the customary panel lining and further enamel wash staining. Finally a flat coat (using Vallejo for the first time).

Instead of just displaying Sazabi on a plain old action base I have a cheap wooden base I bought at Michael’s which I stained and glossed, and am adding groundwork and a few small ground crew figures ( Wave 1/144 – They’re tiny but awesome! For 8 dollars these tiny guys are a super cheap way to add life to your 144 Scale Gundam models)

.At the end of May I plan  on entering this in the local modelling competition ( Capital Area Modellers Society Spring Show)

Stay tuned as I will have photos posted by this weekend!

Sazabi: Update 3


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IMG_0512Good morning everyone,  just a quick update today on my Sazabi. I decided

to add a few more details to the front armor plates as I thought they looked

too boring. I initially left these flat as I planned on adding decals to this area

but with the addition of several pieces I think they look more interesting.

I also really wasn’t happy with the kit’s helmet and specifically

the horn/antenna. I decided to use the horn from a Unicorn Gundam and
think it looks a little more menacing now. IMG_0514IMG_0515